Part One of Many Parts
Looking at Video Art — West x Li-ma
27.01.2023 — 16.04.2023

The New World, Episode One — Foundland Collective (Lauren Alexander and Ghalia Elsrakbi), 2017, 11:07 min.

Part One of Many Parts
Talk and Wikipedia writing workshop

Thursday 2 March, 19.00 — 21.00
Locatie: West in the former American embassy
Taal: Engels
Participation: Free, please reserve your spot at

West organises a talk and writing workshop in collaboration with LI-MA, in light of the exhibition ‘Part One of Many Parts: Looking at Video Art’. This night is dedicated to media art and (online) knowledge exchange. Following a presentation by artist Lauren Alexander (Foundland Collective), you will learn to write for Wikipedia and your article will be ready to go online.

Who has access to information?
In light of the exhibition and this writing workshop, Lauren Alexander will discuss the work that she creates with Ghalia Elsrakbi under the name Foundland Collective. In their work, Alexander and Elsrakbi make use of (online) archives, often with underexposed or sensitive political information. They transform this information in their videos, texts and installations and give it a new, public face. For this talk, Alexander goes deeper into what it means artistically and politically to use (public) information as a medium. After all, information production, storage and distribution are complex issues. Who really has access? How is the information used to tell a story, and by whom?

Do it yourself!
After the talk, you can try out using information yourself. This Wikipedia writing workshop is part of the project ‘Mediakunst op Wikipedia’, a series of workshops with the purpose of offering media artists more visibility. Indeed, many video works and their makers are not known to the general public. At the end of 2023, we aim to have added 500 media artists to Wikipedia. During the workshop, you choose a media artist that you find particularly interesting or inspiring, and with the guidance of Annika Hendriksen, an experienced ‘Wikipedian’, you will then work on an existing Wikipedia article or you write your own.

This event is held in English. Mostly, the Wikipedia articles are written in Dutch or English – though feel free to write in another language that you feel at home in. Don’t forget to bring your own laptop!