Wannes Goetschalckx
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Wannes is quite a guy. As a spectator I never used to like performance art so much. Because my career brought me to all kinds of places, I had to stand a lot of performances in the artworld in which performers often just display a stark naked (why always naked, why?), long-winded, masochistic and/or pointless action with the expectation that it would interest me. Unfortunately not. One should labour over a performance as a sculptor on a statue or a director on a play and take the medium seriously. Too frequently this labour is missing in performances in the context of visual arts. But Wannes showed me how he designed tools and objects from the possibilities and limitations of his own body. From what I saw around me and what he told and showed me, I believe that this person is handling image/movement/time in a relevant and sincere way. His performative installations, and their beautiful handmade objects, could develop into a totally individual voice within visual art.

Hans Op de Beeck

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