Miklos Peternak
Miklós Peternák lives in Budapest, where he works as an author, lecturer and artist. He is currently the Director of the C3 Center for Culture & Communication in Budapest, a not-for-profit organisation promoting the exchange between art, science and technology. C3 researches, develops and supports cultural and pedagogical projects that involve the use of innovative artistic and technological tools. Peternák is also the Chairman of the Department for Intermedia at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest.

(1956, Esztergom, Hungary) is a writer, lecturer and film/video artist. Studied history and history of art at ELTE University, Budapest (1981), PhD 1994: New Media – Art and Science. He was a member of the Béla-Balázs-Studio, Budapest (1981-87), the Indigo-Group (from 1981), worked at the Hungarian National Gallery (1981-83) and at the Research Institute for Art History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1983-87). Head of the Intermedia Department at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts since its foundation (1990), director of C3: Center for Culture and Communication since 1997. He has produced several films and videos during the 1980s and published numerous articles and books on contemporary media art and history. He lives in Budapest.

Miklós Peternák studied history and the history of art. In 1994, he completed a PhD thesis on new media and art and science. He is head of the Intermedia Department at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts and director of C3 Center for Culture and Communication in Budapest.