Francis Burger
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Francis Burger is an artist who lives and works between Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, South Africa. Taking advantage of contemporary art’s capricious interdisciplinarity, or even adisciplinarity, her practice tends in equal parts toward philosophy, history, information design, art and critical theory, drawing, sculpture, mapping, teaching, collecting, archiving and self-publishing.
She graduated from the University of Cape Town with an MFA in 2010, and has since worked primarily with Josh and Jared Ginsburg on the development of a collaborative, experimentally driven research agency, Research Art. 2011 she founded the Independent Publishing Project (IPP) with Jonah Sack. Launched at blank projects in Cape Town, and staged again at the Goethe-Institut head office in 2012, the IPP is an ongoing initiative focused on small scale and self-publishing in Southern Africa, within the context of the arts.
Burger is an occasional guest lecturer and will intern at Dala in KwaZulu-Natal in late 2013.