Club Null
Hans Aarsman, Jörg Heiser, Chris Keulemans, Bas Kosters, Guy Tavares, Dick Rijken, Bruno Setola, Robert Overweg, David Veneman and others
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Club Null — Super-Hybridity
27.11.2011, 20:00 — late

Why would somebody combine proto-rock, art theory, theoretical photography, design, fashion & technology into one night? Did you plan to see the theatre-show of Hans Aarsman, but simply missed it? Or do you want to experience the soundwall of Santa Cruz in an intimate setting? Are you curious to meet Bas Kosters, Jörg Heiser, Dick Rijken or Chris Keulemans in person? And is Crossing the Border simply not enough for you? Or are you perhaps just curious what this Super-Hybridity is all about? Why not visit Club Null and possibly find out?

West and TodaysArt are proud to present the first episode of Club under the title Club Null, on November 27.

Club is a series of events with international guests with different cultural and social backgrounds. The intention is to share, experience, celebrate and discuss contemporary cultural shifts with the audience. In addition, the current function and meaning of the White Cube will be extensively discussed. In an intimate setting, art makes space for dialogue and encounter. In a sense, West also reviews itself and its position. The role of the audience is important: as with any good club, in this Club the difference between guests and the audience also will blur increasingly in the course of the evening: it will become a total encounter for all parties involved.

In Club we consciously merge various formats and disciplines (lectures, performances, screenings, music, fashion, architecture, art, fashion, philosophy, etc.). Club Null is subtitled Super-Hybridity. Guests include: Hans Aarsman, Jörg Heiser, Bas Kosters, Dick Rijken, Bruno Setola, Guy Tavares, Chris Keulemans, Santa Cruz and yourself.
Jörg Heiser, co-editor of Frieze, has written expansively on the concept of Super-Hybridity. A publication written by Heiser is available at West and online here.