Nguyen Trinh Thi
Nguyen Trinh Thi (born in 1973) is a Hanoi-based independent filmmaker, documentarian and video artist. Nguyen Trinh Thi is known for her layered, personal and poetic approach to contentious histories and current events through experimentations with the moving image. Her practice has consistently investigated the role of memory in the necessary unveiling of hidden, displaced or misinterpreted histories, often making use of original documentary footage or undertaking extensive investigative field work. Inspired by her heritage, her pieces are powerful and haunting, and focus on social and cultural issues — especially the complex, traumatic history of her home country Vietnam and its after-effects in the present. Her materials are diverse – from video and photographs shot by herself to those appropriated from various sources including press photos, corporate videos, and classic films; her practice traverses boundaries between film and video art, installation and performance.